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COVID-19 & classes


At this time there is a lot of concern around COVID-19. Please know how we can help ourselves, as well as using a little common sense allowing everyone else to continue as normal.

Advice from the Government is evolving daily but please be assured I take our health seriously, and if directed that we have to suspend classes until further notice I will of course comply and keep everyone informed. All paid sessions and class passes will be frozen until the time when I am able to resume a normal timetable, you will not lose any money or classes.

I kindly ask the following at this time:

1. STAY HOME IF UNWELL. 🚷 If you feel you are becoming unwell please stay home until recovered. Of course, it is in the earlier stages when we are most contagious, and it is not just me who needs to accept responsibility and help protect the group - but also of everyone who attends each session! Classes can be transferred up until 6 hours before.

2. WASH YOUR HANDS 👏💦 Before coming into class please ensure you have thoroughly washed your hands with soap and water. Please remember that not all hand sanitisers protect against viruses, just bacteria, so a high alcohol content is recommended if using one.

There is a toilet/kitchen accessible to use before and after each class. If you cough or sneeze into your hands during the session, please be considerate enough to avoid doing this over the equipment, or pick up props directly after without rewashing your hands. I will maintain our usual cleaning routine of our mats and props (which is more frequent at this time).

3. USE YOUR OWN MAT 🙏 I of course provide mats for everyone, however if you have your own at home please bring this with you for yourself to use. I am disinfecting our green mats before each class.

4. UPDATE ANY CONTACT DETAILS 📞📧 If your contact details have changed or it has been a while since you completed a health form, please re-do a fresh one so that I can contact you if needed and are aware of any new health conditions.

5. CONTINUE AS NORMAL 😊 Until told otherwise I plan to continue business as usual. There is no use in panicking until we are affected - (remember fear and anxiety actually weaken your immune system anyway)!

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