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About Willow Yoga

My name is Nicola, the founder of Willow Yoga, offering Yoga classes in Tonbridge, Kent.  Yoga came into my life via a friend who was adamant I needed it to cure the back pain I was suffering as a result of running; she was right.  It was love at first class and within a month I had booked myself a week long yoga retreat in Portugal and I haven’t looked back since.  


For many years I travelled the world teaching scuba diving and I knew it was unlikely that I would ever find another career that inspired me as much as spending much of my working day underwater.  Few people are fortunate enough to turn their hobby into a job and share that passion with others. For me, yoga is my new scuba and I have the privilege of sharing the many benefits yoga can bring into one’s life.


Having completed my training with the YMCA and Yoga Professionals, I began Willow Yoga in 2016 with the aim of making the physical and mental benefits of yoga attainable by everyone. My yoga classes in Tonbridge use clear instructions and demonstrations to allow one’s body to stretch, strengthen and realign.  The use of props like blocks, belts and chairs means that all poses are achievable by everyone whatever your level of flexibility/fitness/mobility or age.  I believe in using yoga in a therapeutic way to correct the body's imbalances allowing a freer flow of energy within and combating our aches and pains. 

In 2018 I completed further training to continue my professional development with The Minded Institute to enhance my knowledge of Yoga Therapy, specialising in back pain.

Every day on one’s yoga mat is a fresh journey for the body and mind and will challenge every time, allow me to show you the way.

Remember - yoga is practice, not perfect...

Yoga Classes in Tonbridge | Willow Yoga