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Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga Classes in Tonbridge Kent | Private and Group Classes

What is Yoga?

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj meaning to bind or join, it represents a union.  Around 2000 years ago Pantanjali, an Indian sage, collated the Yoga Sutra which contains 195 statements serving as a philosophical guidebook for all yoga and on which most modern practice is based on. 


There are eight limbs of yoga and the third limb is asana which are the physical poses or postures that we practice in class.  Within these asanas we will be practicing pranayama (breathing), pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses) and dharana (concentration).


The asanas which we practice are a series of physical postures designed to purify the body and build the strength and stamina for long periods of meditation.


What does Hatha mean?

Hatha translates into the sun (ha) and the moon (tha) and means with force.  Hatha yoga is a set and sequence of physical poses designed to align our bodies to allow the free flow of energy within.  It allows us to balance our masculine and feminine so our bodies develop strength and flexibility.

What should I bring?

Since Covid it is a good idea to have your own mat but I do have spares for those who need them. No equipment is necessary and everything is provided.

What do I wear?

Clothes that are comfortable and stretchy without buttons and zips and that aren’t too loose so I can see that your muscles are working correctly.  Working barefoot is best or non-slip socks.


Is it suitable for me as I’m not very flexible?

Yoga is perfect for you, all the postures can be done by anyone with the aim of improving flexibility, agility, strength and coordination.


I have a bad back/knee/shoulder/foot will I be able to do it?

Before class you will complete a medical questionnaire so I am aware of any issues you may have.  All the poses can be modified to make them achievable by all and we use props to help us.  If you have concerns consult your GP before undertaking any form of physical exercise.


What happens if I can’t make it to one of the classes?

A booking and payment secures you a place in the class, a block of six classes must be taken within seven consecutive weeks, if you miss a week no refunds will be given but you are able to swap into another class in the same time period, space permitting. You can cancel or transfer a class up to six hours before class without losing it via your confirmation email.


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